WC 2015

World Cup 2015 24 april – 4 may

TouchNederland has sent two teams to the 2015 Touch World Cup in Australia. We seeded ninth in the blue-riband Mixed Open category and we also entered the Senior Mixed category for the first time (Men>=35; Women>30). Teamplayers are listed below. Also have a look at our players profiles. “We would also like to say a big thank you to our team managers – Elly Peters and Sharon Annette. They did an excellent job of managing our teams, before, during and after the event.”

Teamplayers MXO:

1 Mike (Mid)
2 Rob (Mid)
3 Chris (Mid)
4 Russ (Mid)
5 Kees (Mid)
6 Thomas (MLink)
7 Vincent (Mid)
8 Tahi (MLink)
9 Mark (MLink)
10 Garth (MLink)
11 Anita (FLink)
12 Claudine (FLink)
13 Marianne (FLink/Wing)
14 Wenjing (FLink/Wing)
15 Hester K. (Wing)
16 Agnes (Wing)

Teamplayers SXO:

1 Neil (Mid)
2 Paul (Mid)
3 Laurens (Mid)
4 Brent (Mid)
5 Yofi (Mid)
6 David (Mid)
7 Andrew (MLink)
8 Sander (MLink)
9 Guilhem (MLink)
10 Masayo (FLink/Wing)
11 Sarah (FLink/Wing)
12 Hester W. (FLink/Wing)
13 Gaby (Wing)
14 Naz (Wing)
15 Lisenka (Wing)
16 Frits (MLink)