Dutch Touch clubs

Touch in the Netherlands is growing!

We are happy to see Touch in the Netherlands growing. With two more enthusiastic teams from Eindhoven & Utrecht since 2017 alongside our good old steady teams from The Hague & Amsterdam. Also more juniors are attending our trainings.

Den Haag

Touch in Den Haag is played all year round on:

* Wednesday 19:30 at the HRC fields (Theo Mann-Bouwmeesterlaan 800, 2597 HM Den Haag)
* Saturday 10:00am in Westbroekpark

For more information see www.denhaagtouch.com or email denhaagtouch@gmail.com.

XXX Amsterdam

XXX Amsterdam was the first touch club established in NL and has a home field at Sportpark Het Loopveld. Touch is played from March until October and all latest info and dates for social touch, trainings, tournaments and leagues can be found on our website/facebook page www.amsterdamtouch.nl

And you can always contact Sharon (Sharon@amsterdamtouch.nl).

Eindhoven Touch

Contact through Facebook: Facebook Eindhoven Touch


Rugbyclub Utrecht (URC) expanded their horizon and entered a Touch Team besides their regular Rugby teams.

Contact through site URC: URC-Touch-Rugby