About Touch

Touch originated in Australia and is often referred to as Touch Rugby (Europe) or Touch Football (Australia). Main difference with Rugby is that Touch does not involve tackling, scrumming and kicking and is suitable for every age. Men and women can play in seperate or mixed team in social setting as well as in a (more) competetive setting by playing tournaments.

All year round there are different tournaments throughout Europe for city-teams. The Netherlands also arranges international tournaments in The Hague and Amsterdam. The national team is active at the β€œEuro’s”, Mainland Cup and World Cup.

Exciting & joyful game

The game combines tactics, agility and speed with good communication and passing&catching skills.

The attacking team can score a touchdown by pushing the defending team backwards reaching the tryline within 6 touches.

As in rugby it’s only allowed to play the ball backwards.

For an example of the top two mixed open teams of the world, watch the video below.